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Peak Performance Training

Peak Performance Training is designed to help improve performance skills both intellectually and physically. Whether it is a business professional who wants to learn how to improve his concentration in the classroom, of or athletic ability in competitive sports, Peak Performance Training is designed to help.

You may be a business professional who wants to sharpen your concentration skills or enhance your decision-making capabilities. Or you may be a person who gets "choked up" and anxious in certain types of social situations or when you have to perform such as in public speaking. Regardless of the cause, anxiety and internal stress can cheat us out of the enjoyment of performing at our best.

Using Biofeedback equipment, you can learn how to be more in control of various aspects of physiological functioning including muscle tension, heart rate, blood flow, breathing patterns, brain waves, etc. By using biofeedback and other techniques, you can gain a greater degree of control of your body thereby helping to improve performance.

Performing, whether it is mental or physical takes concentration and focus. It is often said that performing in competitive athletic events is at least 50% physical and 50% mental. Many individuals suffer from anxiety that interferes with their ability to function. They will often comment that they know they can do better, but in the "heat of the moment" they become nervous, muscles tense, and their performance suffers.

INNERview will offer you strategies to improve your overall performance ability.