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Marriage Consultation

A marriage is a covenant relationship based on the promise of a man and a woman. We live in a time of "throw-away" marriages when commitment has lost its value and integrity is a forgotten and seldom used word. The pressures of everyday life can tear at the fabric of a marriage leaving disillusionment and sorrow in its wake.

With pressures of work and daily responsibilities of parenting gobbling up the available time, couples need an opportunity to get away from kids, job, and home to focus on renewing their relationship. There may be communication issues, problems in sexual functioning, in-law difficulties, money management, parenting issues, or just adjusting to becoming older that need to be addressed.

Using a mountain or coastal setting to help create an environment of reflection and relaxation, Dr. Martin works with couples on an intensive basis in an effort to identify and resolve sources of conflict in the marriage. As a "Clinical Member" of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT) and relying on his 35 years of experience in the counseling field, he assists couples in redirecting communication patterns that may be contributing to conflict. Most couples are not prepared to deal with conflict in marriage in a healthy way. They merely repeat the communication patterns learned in childhood, which for many couples are not adequate.

Structuring guidelines for good communication provides a healthy way to deal with all emotions in an open yet respectful way. A set of basic rules to improve communication is provided to each couple. They are practiced in the consultation sessions until both parties become more comfortable with the way they communicate.

Dr. Martin places an equal emphasis on concepts of openness and respect. Openness does not have to be sacrificed for respect nor does respect have to be forfeited for openness. Learning to be both open and respectful helps to prevent the buildup of anger which can eventually lead to resentment. Resentment can turn into an emotional cancer that eats away at the foundation of the relationship.

By providing an opportunity to intensely focus on the sources of conflict in marriage, a couple can begin to problem solve in a much shorter period of time thereby reducing the damage that might otherwise be done if the problems go unattended. In addition to providing the intense counseling experience, being in a mountain or coastal setting offers an enjoyable and memorable experience that can help to revitalize a marriage relationship.