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Personal Development

How would you like to be? You may have been told by others how you should be but you may never have been asked how you would like to be.

INNERview is focused on helping you become the person that you would like to be. Our approach is to help you identify the barriers that are interfering with you reaching your potential. Trying to force change by using demands and pressure from yourself or others will aggravate you and lead to frustration. The INNERview program helps you to identify your natural gifts and abilities and resolve internal conflicts that prevent you from reaching your potential.

The area of personal development explores your identity and the ways in which you define value for yourself. INNERview examines the probing issues like "who am I ?, why am I here?, and why am I of value? These questions, which you may have asked and answered at a younger age, recycle back through the mind as we transition through the different developmental stages of life. Questions that may have been a matter of curiosity at one age can suddenly feel like an emotional mandate at a later age.

The opportunity is offered to look behind masks that disguise underlying fears and resolve difficult memories. The past is reviewed with the perspective that it's just part of life and does not have to determine what our future will be.

Times of crisis and change are explored along with the emotions that can accompany them such as depression, anxiety, guilt, and fear. A common sense approach to problem solving is outlined as a guide to navigating through significant turning points of life such as career change, the loss of a loved one, divorce, of perhaps the affect of an illness.

INNERview helps you to review your past, make decisions about your present, and chart a course for your future.

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Marriage Consultation

Are you struggling in your marriage wondering if it will ever change or should I stay in it? Learn strategies for improving communication and enhancing marital satisfaction.
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Stress Management Training and Biofeedback

Do you want learn how minimize the stress in your life? Through INNERview you can learn various methods of stress management. The relationship between your thoughts and the body's responses is presented in a clear and effective way. Training is provided in biofeedback as well as in other areas of stress reduction.

Biofeedback is a process of training yourself to gain more control of your body and to some extent the functioning of your brain. Its application includes areas of pain management, stress reduction, sleep problems, attention deficit disorder, and other problem areas. The process provides "real time" feedback on how your body is responding providing you with a tool to further develop your potential.
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Sleep Disorders

Learn the many methods that can help you have a restful night's sleep. A variety of techniques are used including both traditional biofeedback and neurotherapy.
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Peak Performance Training

Peak Performance Training is designed to help improve performance skills both intellectually and physically. Experience greater success and achieve more of your potential mentally and physically.
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