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Corporate Development

Having consulted with a variety of businesses and corporations, Dr. Martin's work with business groups involves team building, improving communication skills, conflict resolution, and reducing stress in the workplace. A primary focus is to revitalize the business professional who may be experiencing symptoms of burnout.

Since corporations are made up of individuals, all of the problems that individuals face ultimately find their way into the work environment. The "corporate personality" reflects the personalities of its team members. INNERview helps individuals to unlock their potential by identifying barriers to productivity such as procrastination and resistance.

The financial cost of poor communication can be substantial. Since communication is essential to good business, emphasis is placed on the development of good communication skills. Communication is defined as "the process by which information is sent and received." By training business groups to improve communication at a management level, the overall productivity of an organization can increase while the conflict and confusion decrease.

In addition to addressing communication in the workplace, the pace and impact of change is also discussed. With the rate of change constantly increasing, businesses need to adapt in order to remain profitable. The challenge is to "burn brightly without burning out." Through INNERview, management personnel target areas in need of modification as well as develop a strategy to implement the changes.

One of the biggest areas of change within business is in the downsizing and merging of companies. Dealing with the impact of such transitions can have a dramatic impact on both the organization and the individual. By identifying and discussing employees' attitudes about impending change, INNERview can help organizations to go through these turning points with a minimum of disruption.

As a business grows, some within the organization may be promoted into supervisory positions with little knowledge of how to deal with employer/employee relationships. Often, there is a need to help managers develop skills to more effectively deal with peers as well as subordinates. The INNERview process will target areas where growth is needed in order to improve both communication and problem solving abilities.

A key component to consulting with business groups is follow up. Without "follow up" there is no "follow through." Therefore, INNERview provides follow up consultation that is offered on site at the business location, by teleconferencing, or through subsequent meetings at INNERview. These meetings can occur as often as needed to help insure that the changes decided upon are integrated into the everyday business routine.

INNERview is committed to promoting the development and well being of individuals and businesses.